This journey began with a young girl.  At the age of eight, she discovered how much she loved the magnificent fragrance of flowers.  Her mother and aunt would often wear perfumes that reminded her of those sweet scents that she loves and treasures still to this day.  She has fond memories of wonderful summer visits to her aunt’s home in the country and being in awe of the beauty and sweet aromas of lavender and lily fields nearby.  God’s glorious gifts captured her imagination, my imagination.
Now, in my adult life, it has become my mission to infuse these beautiful fragrances with safe, natural ingredients to create an alternative to traditional skin care formulations.  Here at Belle’s Body Satin we use natural oils such as kukui nut, sweet almond, shea butter, avocado butter, kokum butter, marula oil, and meadowfoam seed oil.  Our bath gels, lotions and soaps are created with your delicate skin type in mind and will leave dull, dry skin feeling hydrated with no oily or greasy feeling. A unique blend of all natural scented paraben, phthalate-free essential oils are infused to leave just a hint of aroma. Our goal is to produce products containing plant-based ingredients that cleanse, nourish, hydrate and moisturize your skin. We are very passionate and committed to formulating products that are safe for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.  We are certain that our skin care products will be a wonderful addition to your daily skin care regime.